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Tribe to Table is not your standard CBD brand. Through partnerships with federally recognized Native American tribes, Maya communities in the Yucatán, and individual Native artisans and farmers we offer premium quality products that are like none other.  Produced sustainably and 100% fair trade, all products contain less that 0.3% THC are actually 100% THC FREE, support indigenous enterprise large and small, and WORK.

How did we start working with the tribes? Aside from being an Indian Owned Business ourselves, the story actually begins with seafood. Fishing is a way of life and a deep rooted part of the culture for many Pacific Northwest tribes. Through the seafood trade as well as being native himself, Tribe to Table’s founder became well acquainted with the superior quality of the Native foods. The level of care, quality, and environmental stewardship is evident.

Then hemp growing was opened to the Native American community.

Hemp has been a part of native cultures for centuries. Now that we are in the thick of a tumultuous end to prohibition, tribes from the Pacific Northwest and all across America are once again planting hemp seeds.

Combined with carefully sourced Native ingredients, we are pleased to present a unique collection of CBD products. 



Fair trade and sustainable CBD Shampoo and Conditioner – made our Maya partners from the jungles of Yucatán, Mexico. Why CBD for your hair? CBD helps to grow hair and regrow thinning hair. It’s fantastic for alleviating dry, itchy scalp and for minimizing dandruff. Why? Because “no more bad hair days” is really a thing.